Kennedy Men's Club
P.O. Box 371031 | Denver, CO 80237

2021 Two Man Two Day Scramble/Bestball

Saturday September 18 2021 8:00 AM JF Kennedy Babe Creek

Sunday September 19 2021 8:00 AM JF Kennedy Babe Creek

September 5 2021
2-Man Scramble On Sat. and 2-Man Better Ball On Sun. - Flighted both days.
This is a 2 Man Team event. Pick your own partner or one will be assigned to you. NOTE: The partner you choose MUST have a handicap that is within 10 strokes of your September 8th USGA Handicap adjusted to the course handicap. Your September 8th USGA Handicap will be used. Teams will be flighted into 4 flights.

Scramble: Each player will tee off. The team will then select the best tee shot and place the ball within one foot, no closer to the hole, until reaching the green. Each player will putt from the chosen marker until holed out. Improvement of lie is forbidden i.e. if the chosen ball is in a hazard, rough or fringe, placement of subsequent balls must be in the same condition of lie. Team scores will be adjusted at posting to 25 % of team total handicap index adjusted for course slope for Saturday. If you are 1st to putt and don’t make the putt, do NOT tap in or finish the hole otherwise that will be counted as a stroke and complete that hole without giving your partner a chance to make the putt.

1st - Bronze
2nd - Bronze
3rd - Gold
4th - Gold

Better Ball: Each player plays their own ball recording gross scores. Scores will be adjusted at posting to 90 % of your handicap index adjusted for course slope for Sunday.

Based on Low Gross Flight:
1st - Bronze
2nd - Bronze/Gold
3rd - Gold
4th - Gold/Black
$2,000.00 divided among all flights (Estimated). The Lowest Net score wins in each flight – Gift Certificate. Multiple places will be paid in each flight. NOTE: All Teams will be divided into 4 flights for regular tournament payouts ($2,200.00 Gift Certificates) and 2 flights for the Calcutta payouts (cash). The Calcutta will have 2 Calcutta pots – one for each Calcutta flight. The owners of the top 4 teams in each Calcutta flight will divvy up their respective pots in the following percentages. 40%, 30%, 20% and 10%

Calcutta ties will be split between tied positions.

Gift Certificate ties will be determined by card playoff.
Payouts for Team Skins by flight, Long Drive, Closest to the Pin, Low Gross by Flight on SUNDAY only and Team Day Money by flight will be determined by the number of entries.

Skins will be GROSS Team Skins within your flight on Sat. and NET Team Skins within your flight on Sun. based on the team score for each hole. BOTH team members must enter to be eligible.

Day Money will be Net Team Day Money within your flight both days. The top 3 Low Net Team Scores in each flight for the Day will win the Day Money Pot.

Hole in One pot will be awarded to anyone who has entered the Hole in One contest for this tournament AND gets a hole in one. Sunday’s round only can be used for Belfairs.