Kennedy Men's Club
P.O. Box 371031 | Denver, CO 80237

The Committee consists of nine veteran members, seven elected, the webmaster and our club's founder, Executive Director Ken Doby.

2021 Committee


Jim Biederman|President|Kennedy Men's Club

Jim Biederman

H:(303) 238-5947

W:(303) 777-7555

C:(303) 725-0237

Vice President

Chris Strubel|Vice President|Kennedy Men's Club

Chris Strubel

H:(303) 986-0985

C:(720) 934-3783

Executive Director

Ken Doby|Executive Director|Kennedy Men's Club

Ken Doby

H:(303) 368-7290

C:(720) 206-4970

Co-Tournament Chairman

Michael Boling|Co-Tournament Chairman|Kennedy Men's Club

Michael Boling

H:(303) 973-1645

C:(303) 929-8595

Co-Tournament Chairman

Gary Heeney|Co-Tournament Chairman|Kennedy Men's Club

Gary Heeney

C:(720) 641-1520


Chong Woo|Treasurer|Kennedy Men's Club

Chong Woo

H:(720) 608-1841

W:(303) 435-9154

C:(720) 608-1841

Handicap Chairman

James Eck Jr.|Handicap Chairman|Kennedy Men's Club

James Eck Jr.

C:(720) 201-5814


Trent Wood|Secretary|Kennedy Men's Club

Trent Wood

H:(303) 909-6498

W:(303) 221-9675

C:(303) 909-6498


Robert Stokes|Webmaster|Kennedy Men's Club

Robert Stokes

H:(303) 973-2632

W:(303) 941-0138

C:(303) 941-0138

The Committee is responsible for all functions of the Club, including:

  • Organization and operation of all tournaments
  • All financial matters concerning the Club
  • Establishing policies and future direction of the Club
  • Selecting the Denver Cup Team
  • Selecting the CGA interclub event
  • Resolving Rules Issues for tournaments
  • Organization of banquets, picnics, calcuttas and awards ceremonies
  • Act as a sounding board for member input

Your input is always welcomed and your participation in our events is appreciated. We usually hold a Committee meeting a few times a year (mainly in the winter) at Kennedy. Anyone is most welcome to join us. Check with a committee member in advance to make sure we'll be meeting.